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Wiring for remote switch to control the Blue Sea ML-ACR

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I am installing the dash remote switch to control the Blue Sea automatic charging relay that i recently installed in my 02 Dynasty.

On the back of the original battery boost switch there are two white wires on the top right that the wiring diagram says goes to light dimming. On the top left there are two gray wires that also go to light dimming.  On the bottom right there is a white wire and an orange wire that the wiring diagram says goes to what is labeled the generator start terminal M2. I believe the orange wire then went to the small left terminal on the original battery boost solenoid. It looks like that wire should connect to the orange wire on the new ML-ACR.  

I never had a reason to use the original battery boost switch so i do not know when activated if it started the generator. I do not want the new remote switch to have anything to do with the generator. Do i connect the wires at the new remote switch as they were on the original switch or do i need to change something?


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Personally, I would call Blue Seas.  I have talked to their tech support folks a time or two about their switches and had questions.  Their tech support was great.

You also need to "assess" what you want to do.  Once you run the wiring...I would run enough to, later on, if you desire, get FULL function from the remote.  BUT, if you choose NOT to configure or wire in the Genny system, at this time.......then that would be fine and you have options later on.

As a comment....  Many of our members chose the standard Plain Jane version, without the remote kit and did not have to do any wiring.  They reasoned that if they EVER did need the Boost, then they would do the unthinkable....get out, walk to the back and turn ON the ML-ACR and that was in FULL boost.  THEN, after they no longer needed it....return and set it to AUTO.  Their reasoning was that for the few times, unless it was in a hurricane or a flood, that they needed the BOOST, the 2 minute exercise to turn ON and go back to AUTO was needed, in view of the complexity and the physical effort and such to get all the necessary wiring to the front for the Boost... That all the time and trouble and effort did not justify the cost or such...and thus...they chose the KISS'ed approach.

Obviously your call...but discuss with the Blue Seas folks.  I have confidence they will be honest and direct with you.

Good Luck...

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Do not connect the Blue Sea remote switch ‘like the original’ with the original wires (there are not enough conductors).  When I installed mine, I ‘fished’ a new multi conductor cable between the switch and the ML-ACR.  Full control over the unit from the drivers seat.

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