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Park brake light


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My dashboard park brake light works properly but the Valid leveling system park light is always on. However the leveling system works properly in all modes.

In trouble shooting this I discovered that the park brake valve does not have a switch of any kind although every thing I have read says it should have a Nason switch.

Was some other park brake light switching system/device used by Monaco ? If so, where would it be located ?

Thank You

Duane R

2007 Monaco Executive


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The switch is located on the firewall inside the generator compartment, drivers side almost directly in front of the steering column and almost even in height to the opening. Should have a purple wire running to it from the Valid control board.

I had to replace my board and had the same issue with the Park light. Tested the switch and it was fine, then I called Valid. They recommended cleaning the contacts on the plug connection on the board. Apparently they had problems with the preservative coating causing a bad connection

Still haven't gotten to it, the nuts on the back side of the board are like playing twister to get too.

You need to rotate the photo ccw 90 degrees to get the correct orientation.

Hope this helps, Don


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