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MAC Valve for Tag Lift 2005 Exec

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Does anyone know the part number/specs for the MAC Valve that controls the tag lift (not dump) function on a 2005 Exec (2004 build) or similar? I checked the Parts List and see a bunch of sources but not specific parts (might have missed something). I’ve been chasing down various leaks and found a new one today at the tag lift MAC. I can replace the fitting, but since it seems to be leaking at the threads as opposed to the push-to-connect I’m thinking I’d better have a valve on hand just in case. I haven’t pulled it yet so don’t know if there are any markings that would help. Just thought someone might know off the top.

I’ll attach a picture of the leak and of the air diagram. I’ve been using compression fittings as I replace things, as I’ve had bad luck with push-to-connect fittings, even with freshly cut air line (only so many times you can do that).

Oh, and a pox on the Monaco installers who sprayed that black undercoating or whatever all over the air lines everywhere.





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