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Slide Topper Fabric Preventative Maintenance

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Throgmartin gave some great info on slide topper replacement...  I will definitely go with his recommendation for the poured vinyl topper fabric when the time comes. 

Here's the question...my acrylic slide toppers are probably at their half life, there are no tears but there is considerable stretch on two of them where the AC units drain off of the roof.  Is there any product that I can apply to the fabric that will "beef it up" and possible extend its remaining life?  I am thinking there might be a clear coat "poly" like product that could be applied.  Any ideas?

I do see that 303 makes a marine waterproofing spray that should help but that won't strengthen the existing fabric.   Also, what is the best way to clean them.

Thanks much for all the great info.  All of this good stuff makes the maintenance of my 15 year old Diplomat almost fun...


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