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Furnace Ducting Question

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Hi folks!

I'm working on my parents new motorhome and fixing the factory screw-ups. On the furnace they knocked out the wrong plug and ideally the hose should be routed to a different hole. The question is, how do you block off the old hole when they knocked the plug out of it?




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The simplest way is to find something that is light gage aluminum or light gage steel. Something you can cut into a square that will cover the old hole. Should be able to find something at Home depot or Lowes. While you are at the store get some aluminum tape. Cut the metal to cover the hole and tape it with the aluminum tape. That will seal it up just fine. If you want you can add some butyl gasket around the hole before you put the metal on.

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On 7/6/2022 at 9:37 PM, Rocketman3 said:

Search Amazon Suburban 050733 Duct Cover Plug if you want the part premade. 

Thank you, I went that route because I could get it quickly and cheaply locally. It worked like a top! So clearly suburban and Dometic use the same size holes ! (4 ")

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