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Front cap Generator slide latch not working

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Since last fall all of our camping has been with full hookups so I only ran the generator periodically to exercise it.  When I finally went to access the the compartment (to work on the dash A/C) I discovered the latch for opening the draw would not work. I could get under the coach and reach up to the two chains and release the latch that way but the external handle just flops. I am not sure how the chains connect to the handle and the distance between the cap and the gen are too close to see clearly. Can anyone in the group provide some guidance on this? If the handle needs to be replaced where might I get one?

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Once you release the latches and pull the carriage out you should have full access to the back of latch handle There are to set screws that secure the latch handle to the chains. When pulling the latch handle there the 2 levers should pull the chains that release the 2 latches. By loosening the set screws, you can shorten the chains.



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