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Out side speakers.

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I too want outside sound. But Instead of installing permanent speakers through the wall, I'm attaching a Bluetooth sound bar to the top of the forward bay opening. Adding another 110v outlet will provide power. Using my Pandora on my phone will provide endless music independent of what's on or off inside the coach. Don't even have to turn it on as the higher end units have auto sleep mode and don't have any problems with on/off power situations that we can encounter  with our RVs.

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Found it was easier and probably cheaper to go Blu Tooth. Got a couple of Soundcore Motion+ speakers from Amazon. Work great. Can place them where I want. Can use them around the pool when at home. About $79 per. (Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Res 30W Audio, BassUp, Wireless Speaker, App, Custom EQ, 12H Playtime, Waterproof, USB-C)

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