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2002 Signature Basement Door Lock handle Broke

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Today when I tried to open a basement door on my 2002 Signature, the pot metal handle broke away from the rod that it is supposed to turn to actuates the lock mechanism.

Does anyone know the correct name for this part and where to find a replacement?

John J



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I don’t think it would work if you could  get it JB welded. The piece that broke off is only about 3/8 of an inch long.  It’s made of what I know as pot metal aluminum casting. That handle piece has a flat spot that mates with a flat area on the rod. When the door handle is lifted that small area that broke off the handle takes all the torque to turn the rod that releases the locking mechanism.  It’s a faulty design in my opinion to have such a small area take that much pressure at only one end of the handle. 

The good news is that I located the replacement. It took a-lot of internet  searching over a couple of days, but luckily I came across s photo of of a similar looking item and the manufacturer was listed as Trimark Industries. 

I looked up the Trimark’s website and found s lot of info.  I called them and found it is still available.   They have an amazing customer service person that helped me identify the part number.  They make a lot of versions of the model 030-0850.

For my 2002 Monaco Signature the Model is  030-0850 with a part # 131110146T 

They do same day shipping and FEDEx would  have it to me in three to four days for a total cost of about $135.  

I will report back if when it arrives and I get installed.




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