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Brake shoes and hardware

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I have looked at the parts list, called three different telephone numbers in search of part numbers for the drum brake shoes and brake hardware. No call has been successful. I have a 2006 36’ Monaco Cayman and I have been told that I have a broken shoe. Can anyone provide a lead to somewhere where they can be obtained, please?

and could someone give me a link to the tech bulletin list? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Here is the link to the parts list. Parts List - January 2022 - General Discussion - Bill D’s Monacoers

If you can get a build sheet for you coach from REV, it has the manufacture and model of the axles.  On mine they are Dana/Eaton Your 2006 Cayman maybe similar. Mine are rated at 12,000 front and 19,000 rear.  The front is a Dana E1200W Spec# 328390. The rear is Eaton 190605 Spec#0653121.  There also should be a name plate on the axles with the model.  They are all now a part of Spicer. Spicer® E-Series Steer Axles E1002, E1202 | Dana Commercial Vehicle 

S140 Series Single Drive Axles (dana.com) 



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