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Fireplace Installation 2000 Dynasty

Jim Pratten

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The boss insisted we install a fireplace as part of our refreshing our new to us 2000 Dynasty York 34.  Happens there’s just enough unused space below our small pantry and above the slide utility chase.  I really wanted access to inspect the utility chase so it turned out a win-win.

We first cut a large access hole in the toilet room forward wall.  Measured carefully and cut another somewhat smaller hole in the kitchen wall to insert the flush mounted fireplace.  Power for the fireplace is off the kitchen outlet circuit so we’ll have to be mindful of the loads.  Trimmed the fireplace hole with black styrene angle pieces.

Turned out well.  Boss is happy and keeps the fireplace in “decorative” mode most of the time.  I’m happy to have access to inspect the slide utility chase which happened to be in great condition.

Some side notes.  1) Very impressed that both walls are 3/4" plywood; not likely to find that in most/any current production motorhomes.  2) Harvested toilet pedestal floor tiles to replace cracked kitchen tiles, but that's another story.  3) We only use the fireplace rocker power switch and not the remote.  When slide is in, no way do I want risk of heater coming on.


Fireplace 1.jpg

Fireplace 2.jpg

Fireplace 3.jpg

Fireplace 5.jpg

Fireplace 4.jpg

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Make sure the receptacle used for the fireplace does not go to the inverter.  I fried a 1,000 watt Xantrax inverter by running way too many watts through it (over time) after I plugged in my fireplace.

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5 hours ago, The Hales said:

Make sure the receptacle used for the fireplace does not go to the inverter.

Good observation. The only 120 vac circuits at that location are on the inverter sub panel. We dry camp quite a lot and power management is a must. Fortunately the “decorative” mode is a pretty light load on the inverter and I’d be in trouble if we couldn’t run it while boondocking. 

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