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Source for windshield gasket for '98 HR Endeavor


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Hi - I simply need to purchase a gasket for my 2 piece windshield. The current gasket is probably original, but it's not installed correctly. I call stores like parkerr@veurinksrv.com in Grand Rapids and they cant give me a part no. without DOT related information that my windshield doesn't show. He says, "Can I get the DOT information from this unit, this helps me match the exact windshield for the coach, thanks."  Both panels have different DOT info and none of it is useful to Veurinks RV 

I gave him all the info listed on both pcs. of glass.

 It's a zipped in windshield that was installed improperly years ago. It started with a Safe-lite Glass tech who admitted he had no idea, but both panels were broke and he and his boss, Midland, Michigan got it in, but it's been trouble ever since. At this point, my insurance (Progressive) says its not their problem. The problem is typically it pops out in the upper drivers side corner. Contacting glass companies like Coach Glass gets a question about who the installer will be. They won't discuss my part no. or options. I thought the VIN no. would pull up this info but apparently not so. I have an installer in San Juan Texas who tried to reinstall but without success. They (Risicia & Sons Glass) are willing to give it another shot if I come up with a new gasket. They are not RV people, but insist they know the best practices. And I've already paid them for the install. I'm prepared to pay 2-3 hundred dollars and have it shipped to installer. The question is, who will deal with a retail buyer and what exact into do they need? Thanks in advance.

Mike Jacobs

'98 Holiday Rambler Endeavor 37 WDS

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I purchased a new gasket for my 2007 Camelot, last November, from the vendor below.  The gasket was shipped to the installer and installed along with the new windshield.  As I recall, I just needed to give the year, make and model of the coach and they looked it up and shipped it.  Hope this helps. 




Kent Allen | rv glass expert









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I would restart with the 2 RV glass manufactures who specialize in Providing RV glass:

Custom Glass Solutions plant is in  Ohio and   Coach Glass -RV Glass solutions is the installations side of their business 

 Ask them for a qualified RV glass installer in your area - most are mobile services. Please don't use someone who is not familiar with RV glass installs.  RVs age different Beasts from autos and trucks, as the front fiberglass cap can flex/twist and pop out windshields, even qualified persons have problems with certain RVs as they had and have issues and may need some " modifications to the opening to limit flex. most are RV mfg., and model specific

The 2 gloss manufactures have customer service reps that have independent installers all over the USA and those reps and installers will know the industry suppliers and should be able to get your windshield gasket, *** don't forget to replace the rain gutter seal if yours has or had one  one for the top of the seal as well

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