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2007 Monaco Camelot 42PDQ Window Latches

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If anyone is interested I own a machine shop in SC and am now the proud owner of a 2007 Monaco Camelot 42PDQ and one of the first thing I found broken was the window latches on the passenger window. The current material I am using is blue plastic but I can change it to black. Once the covers are on you cant see them anyway. In order to do black i would have to get black material and have enough people that need these to make it worth getting it. There are also several other projects I am doing to improve this motorhome to be better than the factory sent it out. 

-adding additional motor to roadside main slide out. ( I have also already made new improved drive couplers that the motor turns that has the shear pin bolt in it. )

-Found a really good replacement for the storage weather seals

- Added Engine battery charger/maintainer that runs off shore power. (It has to be on one of the non inverted circuits)

-Found replacement Coach A/C Receiver Dryer for that is slightly larger and better than the factory one. And properly bolted to the frame. 

and many more. If interested I can be reached at 803-364-1564 and my email is dfit.llc05@gmail.com. The number will send you to voicemail and i will return your call. 






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Rich like many of the mods; I own a later 08 Camelot that I had to get 3D printed parts. I’m interested in the larger dyer? Why and part#? I just completed the front dash A/C updating existing all components. It’s a poor design. 
also are you 3D printing the Atwood window latches. Some are black and emergency windows are red. My cell 707-580-5323. Email spengracin@comcast.net. Thx Perry

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