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Turn signal socket

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Does anyone know a source for a replacement front turn signal socket for a 2000 Dynasty?

It has tabs on the back that you squeeze to pull the bulb out.

I replaced it with a universal one last year for a trip, & can't find it to take a pic.

I may have to pull the other side out to get a pic.

This is the (I believe) original socket in the other side.


It may be broken as well, I see someone has added a ty wrap to it.

I will post a pic when I pull this one out for a better look.

The one I used temporarily does not seal, & when bulb gets wet, it blows out.



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Guest Tim503

My 98 Windsor used Ford assemblies. The ones for vans etc. You need to just keep replacing bulbs and try to keep the water out which confuses me why that happens. Put some silicone when you install it maybe. Look for a new or used unit and replace the thing. Don't think of a car where it has to be such and such part. Make the motorhome your own.

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