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Dynasty air throttle, what years?

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Approx. what year or years did Monaco switch over to the air throttle system on Dynasty models??

Owning a recently acquired '95 Dynasty with the 8.3L mechanical Cummins/Allison, and being well aware of the King Control electronic cruise/throttle issues I've been keeping this in the back of my mind as I work other issues but not really doing anything about it as the throttle and cruise has been working fine.

Last night being bored at the campground I took my grease gun under the back end to hit the various zerks I could find, and then just laid there making notes on other things I could see.

Lo and behold, up there under and to the rear of the injection pump is a Williams air throttle slave cylinder.  What?? I had thought that my coach wasn't new enough for the air throttle??

Looking into the situation further I crawled under the dash and looked at the throttle pedal closer. Sure enough, it's a Williams floor mount pedal, but it's been flipped and turned to be mounted through the "firewall", Williams pedal cut off/shortened and a different pedal extension bolted on. Looking from the front side of the firewall the entire installation looks very factory installed. That, or a really nicely done aftermarket conversion.

So what do I have, a factory air throttle in a 1995 coach, or a conversion??

I can take pics this evening/weekend if anyone is interested.





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