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I have a HWH Spacemaker AP 40227 slide out for the bathroom area that broke. The hydraulic ram mechanism at the back of the coach had a plastic wheel cog in the middle of the unit that had broke into pieces.  With the help of Youtube and the Az Expert, I found where he had replaced one similar and that video helped me find the parts I needed to replace and rebuild the unit.  So I replaced the parts with a new kit and rebuilt the mechanism. 

  I noticed when working on each side of the slideout that the anchor pins that the spacemaker bolts to on the sides of the actual slide were loose and it looked like they were over extended from to much pressure. Also when I extend the slide out the rear mechanism still makes a bad noise at the end because the teeth of the mechanism skip because the ram looks to be traveling to far. 

  My question is regarding the stop limits on the hydraulic system. Is there an adjustment that can stop the ram from extending so far ? I tried to adjust the nuts on the end of the ram but that is not enough.


Thank you.


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