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Shipping your MH over seas

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This may be in the wrong area and if so would the moderator please move it to the appropriate area.

We have been discussing an extended trip to Europe and the UK for 2025. Considering the cost of hotels etc. were are now debating the viability of renting/buying an RV in Europe for the 6-8 mo we plan to be there, We would then sell it over there. Alternately we would ship ours each way, or possibly sell it there and buy another one when we get home.

Our travel itinerary would include some or all of the following countries: UK, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and possibly Czech Republic,

Has anyone in the group done this before? If so, what is your views on the best (and most cost effective) approach, Are there any special modification, such as electrical to be considered? I you have experience RV'ing in Europe and would you be willing to share more extensively your experiences, via PM, email or phone call please advise.

I think we may even have some members that have bought Monacos in the US and shipped them home to Europe. Their guidance would also be very much appreciated.


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My son lives in the UK, he rents the higher end Volkswagen rv's in the country he travels in, I just came from the world Ironman Race in Nice, of course I am always looking at the RV's when they go by, only Rig that I see that would be the same size as my coach are tour busses, everything else is camper van size,small but some nice stuff, personally after being in the coastal elps and in around the city I would not want to drive anything any larger, roads narrow,streets are tight and as you know they go fast!!, those elps with the switch backs were crazy enough on my tt bike I would never drive a full size coach there.I can get some more info from my son if your interested. 


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I would buy a coach in Europe and sell it before coming back. The challenges with a Coach size made for this market,  are not worth the anticipated enjoyment of the trip.  

Just address the type/style of trucks used over there for mobility on their roadways. Kinda tells you the answer you need.

And the access to shore amenities too. Electrical standards in the EU country's do vary too.

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You can ship your coach to Europe, but here are the limitations and changes:

- Electrical:

  • Be careful with your RV appliance compatibility because the EU uses 50hz electrical instead of 60hz electrical so verify that all of your appliances and electronics can accomodate 50hz, especially your inverter. Also, the EU voltage (220V-250V) is not compatible with US RVs so you will need to buy two (2) of these voltage converters (one for each leg of your 50Amps service):
    • https://www.world-import.com/tc-5000a-u-d.htm
    • You will also need to buy a variety of plug adapters as the EU uses plugs that vary by country
    • You will also need to buy a variety of US dogbone power adapters for your 50A coach
      • I can assist if you elect to ship your RV to the EU

- General Driving:

  • Passenger Buses in the EU are the same size as US Class A coaches, but there are some roads in the EU that can't be used by buses, just like the US.
  • Diesel in the EU is taxed to an extreme, so you can expect to pay the equivalent of up to $8.75/gallon in some countries.

- Dump Stations:

- Campgrounds:

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