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2005 Monaco Knight Power Steering Hose

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Just replaced my power steering hose from front to back. Pump to steering box. Pretty simple and straight forward to do. On the right, inside frame there is a 4" white PVC pipe that runs from the front of the front right wheel just above the air tank and travels all the way down to the rear right wheels. This pipe has wiring harnesses and other things running through it with plenty of room for the steering hose. I just disconnected my bad  hose at both ends and left it right where it is making sure to zip tie the ends out of the way. I then ran a fish tape through the 4" pipe and attached the new hose to the fish tape then just pulled it through. From there I just ran the 2 ends through the provided holes in the frame section front and back  as needed and attached it to the pump and steering box making sure to ad rubber wrap and zip ties at all wear points. $200.00 for 40 ft. of hose with the 2 ends crimped on as well at Princess Auto Canada. Mine uses 15 40 diesel oil in the power steering from factory according to my manual. Please check to make sure what fluid yours takes. Hope this helps anyone going through the same issue I had. Cheers guys.

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