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Service work at Talin RV & Stone Vos

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Earlier last month, I spent a week at Talin RV, Brooksville, FL having a lot of work done to my 40’ 2006 Monaco Windsor regarding slide-outs, awnings and the sealing of all outside joints after a full re-painting last year.

 In order to get there, I went 2000 miles out of my way because of their reputation for quality work and products!

 As a member of the Monaco owner’s aintenance forum for years, I’d read frequent, always positive postings, by members about Talin RV and Stone Vos as well as postings by the owner, Chris Throgmartin, a former Marine. ( If you can’t trust a Marine, who can you trust? -:) Chris has frequently helped our group by doing presentations at rally's and providing free inspections looking for trouble spots relative to slide-outs and common exterior water leak areas that are common to our brand.

 Chris has another related company operating out of the same location called, Stone Vos. They manufacture high quality slide-out toppers, window and patio awnings. Their fabric is the best available anywhere. The thread used is a product of NASA’s space program. They have a website (stonevos.com) that explains in detail why their products are the best. It’s worth reading.

 Eight years ago, they made 3 new slide-out toppers, sent them and I did the installation. They were inspected while I was there and there is no evidence of any deterioration. All the thread and seems are intact as well as the condition of the fabric.

 When making the appointment well ahead of time, I listed all the items I wanted repaired. They were: 1 bedroom slide-out not operating smoothly and binding frequently, a significant water leak with that same slide that I had tried to find and fix unsuccessfully for years, reseal all seams on the outside after the recent re-painting, check the roof condition, install Guardian Plates on 2 slides (I had installed them myself on the 3rd slide years ago after purchasing from Talin RV), make and install new window awnings, make and install new patio awning, make install a metal roller plate under 1 slide and replace all slide-out rubber seals (very difficult task).

 Upon arrival, we reviewed my list to confirm and add anything additional. The next morning they had a printed estimate that I signed so there would be no surprises at the end. Upon completion, I didn’t pay any more than the estimate.

 Chris had mentioned his tech, Dustin, many times in previous posts attesting to his professionalism, knowledge and best of all, his staying on a job until it is done correctly. After observing him up close for the week I was there, Chris did not exaggerate. Dustin and his assistant are perfectionists (like me). This is unheard of in the RV industry. Anyone who has ever had a dealer or repair facility do work on their RV understands this, I am sure. It was a first for me and I’ve been full-timing 26 years.

 Everyone there has the same attitude including the office staff. Their operation is small. It’s a family even though no one is actually related. I was invited to have lunch with them more than once.

 I’m a former U.S. Naval Aviator and it has always been my duty to give any Marine a ration as often as possible; it is so written. :-) I kept up the tradition with Chris when I was there. HOWEVER, don’t ever get in-between and sailor and Marine. We are brothers on the same team; Team USA. I have an unwavering respect for The Corps and I can state clearly that Chris’s values are still the same as when he was on active duty. He operates his business to the same standards. They are all honorable people, pleasant, work hard, do reliable and professional work for a reasonable price.

 I had absolutely no complaints and received excellent value for my money. They can be trusted and I easily would go 2000 miles, or more, out of my way again should I need their services in the future.

 I have no connection in any way to them. I am simply a satisfied customer. I took the time to write this because they earned it and because I want them to survive so when I might need what they do in the future, they still will be there and I won’t have to figure out where to go.

 My thanks to everyone at Talin RV and Stone Vos, and yes, even thanks to Chris. (Don’t tell any Navy guys I said that.)

 Gary K



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  Conversing over the years via e-mails and phone it was great to finally get to meet you in person.  Even I was surprised on how courteous I was to a Naval aviator. 🙂

Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure each customer is happy before they leave. We routinely get customers who drive very long distances to have Dustin or myself work on their coach but I think you may have set a record since you are Seattle based. Thanks for coming in to see us and spending time with our crew.  They enjoyed having you stay with us. As for myself I enjoyed being able to annoy a sailor.

I am still trying to figure out how you spent an entire airline career flying 747's. Most pilots have to fly a lot of crappy domestic routes to get to the point of flying heavies. You were blessed to fly the Queen of the skies for over 20 plus years for NWA.  This Monaco group BTW has only one other 747 jockey that I know of, Ed Fogle, who flew the 747 and I try and annoy him often as well. I believe Ed flew the 200 series for United. Our group here is littered with retired airline pilots and I myself have worked on or inspected over 2 dozen of you jet jockeys coaches.  

Thanks again for making the long trip. It was great to sit down and tell war stories. I hope someday you can make it to a Gathering. God Bless you Gary. Stay safe and stay healthy. Semper Fi.

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