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No seal at bottom corner of living room slide

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2007 Monaco LaPalma 34PDD. There were major leaks on the bottom corners of the living room slide when we bought it. We replaced all of the exterior seals but it seems to be missing some type of seal at the bottom corners. There is nothing to seal out the wind or water. I can see into the coach from the outside there is a large gap. This slide is totally different from the bedroom slide. One Pic is to show which corner. One shows from the outside looking in through the hole and the other is from the inside looking out through the hole. Any ideas as to what type of seal should be there?

LR slide.jpg

Outside LR slide.jpg

Inside LV slide.jpg

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Chris Throgmartin developed the Guardian plates to solve the sealing problems on the Monaco coaches. You can google  “Guardian Plates” for more info. 
Some members have ordered the plates and did the install themselves but it is easier to visit Talin Manufacturing in Brooksville FL and get all the issues addressed. Chris owns 2 Beaver coaches and has a lot of experience. 
Call and speak to Bethany at Talin / Stone Vos at 352-942-2653.

If you are not going to be in the area you can have it installed by a tech but you need to do the measurements for the correct plates to be made by Talin for your specific coach. 

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