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1999 Monaco Signature Series No Power to starter solenoid

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Good afternoon, I have a 1999 Monaco Signature Series and I'm having a hard time figuring out why I have no ignition power to the rear starter solenoid.  When I turn on the key the only thing hot to the rear of the coach is the neutral safety relay and one hot wire on the left side of the starter solenoid.  When you turn the key over there is a switch that clicks out just behind the TV in bedroom.   It is inside a small gray electrical box and I'm not sure exactly what that does.  I have checked all fuses, changed out relays, changed out starter solenoid with no luck.  I'm thinking there is a starter interrupter somewhere in the system cutting power but I cant locate it.   I found a Trekmate security system booklet in the files that came with the rv.  It shows there to be a momentary switch to override this system but I've had no luck locating.  I can make the RV start by sticking a 12v hot wire directly to the ignition relay and using a starter button on the starter.  Any advice would be appreciated.

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