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Hydraulic Pump

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I do not know if this information has been previously posted, did not find in “seach.”

I do not know if Monaco used a belt driven hydraulic pump which supplied the power steering and cooling fan(s).

The hydraulic pump on my 97 Dynasty is shaft driven from the Engine Air Compressor.

This pump originally made by Sauer Sundtrand, sold to Danfoss, sold to Webster and QCC was the last manufacturer.

Information from the Foretravel Owenrs (Foreforums) indicate the hydraulic pump part number 41188 are no longer available from any source.

The last manufacturer of this pump, QCC is considering making another production run of this pump.

If this pump effects you, please contact Simone Morris, Senior Product Sales Engineer, 708-887-6282| simone@qccorp.com to support QCC’s decision to move forward on new pumps.

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