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Jump Start Process

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Background: Unit is in storage with both house & chassis disconnects off.  Temperature hasn’t dropped to below freezing. Turned both disconnects on and tried to start today. It would “half-@ss” crank but not start (Wait to Start light went out). There is enough umph to fire dash, scan gauge, etc. I did try the battery boost switch (holding for a period a couple of times then holding while trying to start-still no joy).
On our old Sportscoach, when chassis’s  were weak, I could attach cables, jump, and it’d fire right up. Thought I had read here a jump start specific procedure , but it seems applicable to CCM type and ours is a 2005 Endeavor.  I knew I would be replacing both chassis and 4 house this spring, but I want to start and let run/run genset under load every 2-3weeks as well as I am taking to Cummins later in January so clearly I need it to start. 😂 
Is there anything special I need to do to start or can I attach my jumper cables across the 2 batteries as I have in the past? Thanks in advance.

Note: I tried several search terms before posting, but couldn’t find a specific solution. 

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Thankfully, I've never had the problem but I have read a suggestion that might be of value.

I have read that it takes a whole lot less to start your generator so jumper the truck batteries start the generator get the jumper off and then let the generator charge.  If your battery charge crossovers are correct, (mine are not) you're inverter should step in and charge both sets of batteries.   Otherwise make sure you use a real powerful jump starter because my book says we can pull a 1300 cold cranking amps. 

Good luck and Happy New Year Sir

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