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Blacktech airbags

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I did a search and only found two instances of Blacktech bags. 

My question is, anybody use these and have any long term reviews of them? They are half the cost of other bags and have great reviews on Amazon. 

Looking to my knowledgeable crew here to help me make a decision. Going to need to replace all 10 within the next year 



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I installed the Blacktech air bags (#RML 79376) on the rear of my Diplomat in 8/22 and have since travelled about 3000 miles with no issues. FYI I also changed the ride height valves, air line fittings and shocks at the same time. I would recommend planning on replacing the air line fittings when you do the bags, mine were the push in type, they had so much road grime and were froze, I just cut the hoses and I changed to compression type.

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