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  1. What a shame. It could be a diamond in the rough or it could be a total nightmare. I guess it just depends on how much of a gambling man you are. It looks like some electrical components have been removed, most likely torn out. Who knows how much wiring damage there is behind the walls.
  2. I agree with Dennis, Shark Bite fittings are the way to go. More expensive but they make me a 10 times better plumber!! The ease of use is amazing and they work on different types of pipe as well, brass, PEX, cpvc etc. Having the ability to pull it apart to make future repairs or if something does not fit just right is worth the extra cash. Knock on wood but I have yet to have any fail and I used them exclusively for the top out in my house 12 years ago.
  3. My Interstate chassis batteries were made in 06/15 and I just replaced them. One was off gassing and I believe it blew up when they were welding in the bung for the wax valve, nobody will tell me for sure. Anyway, I put two group 31 batteries back in there. I thought I was getting Interstate batteries but they are Centennial, I had to have them ordered so I was not going to refuse them. They were $149.95 each out the door. We will see how long they make it.
  4. HMM. Any idea what the Infrared is for? I have it pointed out in the dash layout in the wiring book but when it gets time to look at the back of the panel in the book it no longer has it in there. I am thinking that VCR or the Panasonic might be the best bet. The Alladin does not go through it, and I have video from my cameras. I am thinking I am just going to take it out. Any idea why the Panasonic head unit would be grounded to a screw in this thing? Sorry for all the questions, I am getting deeper into a simple project than I ever intended. The wife asked if she should even co
  5. So it looks like I am just going to have to live with the mess under the dash. We have had the coach for a little over a year and it is evident that the previous owner had a rat living up under the dash as I was vacuuming chewed tinfoil, wire and droppings up from under there. The place we bought it from obviously new of this as they had done some splicing to make things work semi correctly. I hate the mess of useless or unused wires but I do not want to take the dash off right now. Everything seems to work to the best of my knowledge but I am sure down the road I will have to revisit this
  6. Anybody have a good way to chase wires inside the dash? I am trying to get rid of the wiring for the factory CD Changer, GPS unit and stereo head unit. I have the front panel off the middle of the dash and the top panels open on the passenger side and driver side. There is just a 2 foot span I cannot get to between the center and the passenger side but it seems like there are a lot of wires that go down to who knows where in that location that I cannot see (I think they might go under this tub thing all the see vision stuff is in and then go up the A Pillar on the passenger side but I have
  7. I have been going through the dash, what a pain, trying to find out what all the loose cords are in there before I install my new stereo head unit. I came across this and have no idea what it is supposed to do. It has 3 wires going into it from the Infrared Sensor located on the middle dash. It has an RGB in from who knows where and an RCA that is hooked to nothing in the video out 1. I have hooked that up to a tv and there is nothing on the screen. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. I think I can put a nail in this coffin. After dreaming about wiring diagrams all night I had an idea. I remembered what Paul said about plugging the RCA for the camera into another TV and that worked wonders. There was another RCA coming into the Panasonic "brain" and I was pretty sure this was the input for the Alladin information. So this morning after I showered I went out and plugged that RCA into the tv and I had all of my information for the Alladin system and it worked flawlessly. So, other than running the navigation (which I don't use and can't because there is no CD in ther
  9. Update: Paul, I plugged the RCA into another tv and I have camera functions which is good, thank you. It appears that I have a bad "brain" in the Panasonic unit as I hit the reset button and still no power or video will go through it. The hot wire that started all this mess touched the case of the "brain". I don't know much about circuit boards etc but could this be the reason it won't work? Should I take the cover off and see if I can see anything burnt in there? Dennis, I do not have that chart in my coach. It would be handy if I did though. Any other id
  10. No other fuse on the Panasonic unit that I can find. I looked through both the Panasonic manual and the wiring diagram and the only fuse was the one in the run bay. I cannot visually see one either and according to the Panasonic manual the chord coming from the "brain" to the display unit is one piece with all the wires inside of it. Great idea on the separate tv monitor for the see vision, I will do that when I get home this afternoon.
  11. Pictures of Cameras and then a picture of the wiring that comes from the interior camera. I have 12v to both the battery hot and the aux 12v out on the see vision module. I have power going to the Panasonic "brain". I don't have a way to see if I have power coming out of the "brain" to the display unit as it is a sealed wire bundle. Should I just press the reset button on the "brain" and see if that fixes the problem? The manual for the Panasonic says if functions are not working to do this but it will reset everything to default. I am still unsure of the the lack
  12. I do have the Aladdin. I am not sure what you mean by bullet style, the one inside is a dome, the two in the mirrors are in square chrome housings and the one in the back is mounted inside a flat housing. I will check the see vision for 12v, I know the battery terminal is hot. I will take some pictures of cameras and connections and 12v aux tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  13. IMG_6370 (1).HEIC Not sure if these help or not? This is not an emergency by any means, just want to get her put back together so we can use her again. Thank You One more thing, all the cables that are not connected were like that when I opened it up. I just left them on the dash in hopes I would be able to find out what they go to.
  14. Thank you for the quick information. Dennis, I did not move anything around. I just took one wire off, marked what it was and then put it back on. The wires I fixed I took one off, fixed the damaged wire and then put it back on, that is why I am so confused. Paul, Good to know that I can drive it without this working. I will get some pictures although I don't know how much they will help. I do have the the 2003 wiring diagrams book for my coach, an original was with the rest of the owners documents (is this rare?). I have found the manual for the head unit as well,
  15. 2003 Monaco Signature 42 Triple Crown. Long story short, my back up camera would be clear then get really distorted. Would get better or worse based on vibration. I figured there was loose connection someplace so I opened up the hatch on top of the dash by the passenger side and found a whole mess of wires etc. I found the See Vision brain and when I would move it the camera would get better or worse. At some point in its previous life someone has connected the red hot wire from the See Vision positive to the Panasonic Brain with a wire without a connector. Needles to say, that wire ground
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