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  1. Bob please don’t point out the truck drivers most live in their trucks for weeks at a time. I can tell you after driving all day and trying to get some sleep in 100° weather or temperatures in the low 20s or 30s you need some heat or air conditioning so you can get up and do it again the next day so people like us can come out here and live in our motorhomes and get the supplies we need to run another day. God bless each and every truck driver out there and all the things that they give up for us family ,holidays ,birthdays ,funerals , graduations , weddings, just my two cents took driving is a hard lonely job after 41 years of doing it I can tell you that from experience. God bless.
  2. So my regulator was the leak my brushes had to be replaced on the generator. That generator ran right up to the repair shop and stopped that was luck. Thank you all as always for you help. Don
  3. Thanks Ivan. I’m going to drive to Vegas in the morning and see if I can find someone to look at it. I think the smell I’m smelling might be Aqua hot fluid I noticed my aqua hot reservoir is empty, so I need to check that for a leak and then find some fluid to put back in it. I love the smell of broken motorhome stuff in the morning lol.
  4. So my 10k generator is running weird and I think has a smell. It’s charging ok just Fluctuates I was like maybe it’s not idling fast enough. I’m in Bullhead city Nevada but I can’t find nobody here to work on it so I’m going to head up to Vegas on Monday any recommendations on who to take Cummins generator to in Vegas. I’m full time so I need to find somebody take a look at it right away any help would be appreciated. Thanks Don 2007 Monaco dynasty
  5. Idol is fluctuating up-and-down I noticed on this last trip that I have a smell smells like propane but I can’t find any leaks my generator is making really weird noises fluctuating. I’m in Bullhead city I’m hoping it will stay together till Monday and I’ll see if I can find somebody in Vegas they can look at it right away since we’re full timers in our Monaco dynasty. Do you guys have any recommendations of who to take it to in Vegas it’s an on in 10,000 W thanks advance
  6. 😳58,000 wow. I’m amazed every day at the stuff I hear and learn from you guys. I’m so grateful for this blog. Don
  7. I’ll check it out thanks Dr.
  8. Thank you ernie Not to sound like a dumb ass but how do you get to the vendor section?
  9. Thank you Wayne. I will look into that.
  10. I posted this earlier but I think in the wrong form. I would like to replace the carpet in my 2007 dynasty preferably with new tile. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations of people or shops that do that in motorhomes. Don
  11. I would like to replace the carpet in my 2007 dynasty. I’ve read where there’s more to it than just putting in new carpet. I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations for people that do that kind of work in motorhomes? I live in California but I can travel. I would actually like to put in new tile but not sure with the weight on the slides if that’s possible. Don
  12. My rv shop has a rebuilt 10 K generator for sale. I thought I’d throw it out there if anybody’s interested they can email me and I’ll give you his phone number. He wants $6000 and his shop rebuilt it. Don ibdlf2@aol.com
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