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  1. Scotty, You might want to look into Advantech instead of marine plywood. I’ve used it in the past and this stuff is waterproof. In fact I had a few small pieces setting outside for several years and there is no swelling or deterioration. Dan D
  2. I try to run straight diesel whenever I can. I can get it locally and whenever I’m planning a trip I look at the Love’s and TA/Petro website. It lists the truck stops and whether they are straight diesel or the blend of biodiesel. I know they update the info because I’ve seen locations where the blend has changed. I’ve run 20 percent when it was the only choice. Didn’t have any problems. I bought some of the DieselKleen and Howe’s additives and put them in whenever I refuel (if I remember). I’ve talked to fellow RVers and truckers and most say they don’t worry about
  3. FIXED! I double checked the connections and tried pushing down the control valve stems and heard the “click” from both burners. I reassembled the unit and everything works fine now. Richard, thanks for the help. Dan D
  4. That did the trick! Those plates did have what looked like black silicone sealant holding them down. I can hear the left burner “click” when I push the knob stem, but it doesn’t sound like a strong spark. I get nothing from the right burner. I was able to lift the whole top assembly up. I think I’ll have to remove the screws from the bottom to see if I can access the controls and try to figure out why I’m not getting spark.
  5. Well, I got the knobs off and removed the screws, but the spill plates won’t budge. Don’t know if there is some type of adhesive that is holding them to the glass surface.
  6. I can’t get to the underneath part. There is cabinetry around it and it sets into the countertop. It looks like it will lift up, but like I said in the original post, I’m hesitant to try to pry on it.
  7. The igniters stopped working on my princess gourmet 2277-1000 propane cooktop. I checked the fuses and they are good. I can start it manually and it works fine. I can’t figure out how to lift it up to check the wiring. I am hesitant to pry on it since it is a glass top. Has anyone had any experience with these units? I’ve attached a photo of the unit and the parts list. Dan D 2012 Diplomat 43DFT
  8. I have a 2012 Diplomat and I checked with REV and I thinking they wanted about $25 for one. I thought the price was way too high so I started looking online and could not find an exact fit. I finally made a cardboard template of the notch alignment and ended up buying a 6 notch “universal” and used my Drexel tool to modify one of the notches to make it fi. $6.95 at almost any truck stop. I also used some silicone adhesive to help hold it in place.
  9. Mine looks like that, but is the Pathway X2. It works great and serves as a backup for the Traveler. I’ve used it several times where the Travelers line of sight is blocked. The nice thing about the Pathway x2 is that it picks up both the Eastern and Western arc birds.
  10. I’m wondering if a small UPS would solve the problem. I know they have ones that have PSW output, but I don’t know if they would be happy with MSW input. There are all different types of UPS, some switch over when power is lost, others constantly “clean” the power.
  11. Does your audio system support Audio Return Channel (ARC)? If so, your Samsung probably has ARC. Make sure your HDMI cable supports ARC, too. You may have to look at some settings in the TV, Audio system, or both. You should be able to set it up so that the TV remote will control the speakers.
  12. The company is MicroAir. I saw them mentioned both here and on IRV2. My Coleman thermostat is on the blink and I contacted these guys. They have thermostats for Coleman and Dometic. Their website is pretty good and has a model selector. They have a replacement for the Domestic multi zone and the Duotherm 5 button. Unfortunately they don’t have the replacement for my Coleman 8000 series multi zone yet. They said it should be out in 1-2 months. They have a pretty good plan to provide replacements for most of the RV thermostats. One other thing they said is they are working on Bluetooth
  13. I have been in contact with Micro Air and their Duo Therm replacement thermostat is out now. Here is their timeline for the Coleman thermostats. Coleman 9000 series 1-2 weeks (multi zone) Coleman 8000 series 1-2 mos. (multi zone). As soon as this come out I will be replacing my Coleman 8330D3311. website is www.microair.net
  14. I used “chain type” vice grips. I clamped them around the shock and they will turn until they wedge against the frame. Once you get the top nut loose, go ahead and remove the bottom eye bolt. You should be able to turn the shock by hand and remove it. As far as installing the new shocks, I just tightened them until the rubber bushing compressed. Note: look closely at the bushings. There is a slight difference and 1 goes on the bottom and the other on the top of the stud. Dan D 2012 Diplomat 43DFT
  15. The new site is really great. Thanks to all who made it work and keep it working. I know it’s not an easy task, but just know that your hard work is appreciated. I attended my first “gathering “ last February. Was looking forward to this year’s, but the virus has taken care of that. Let’s all hope this thing ends soon so we can get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle again. Dan D 2012 Diplomat 43DFT
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