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  1. The pressure tank can be checked by turning off the water pump and opening a faucet to relieve the pressure in the water system and using the tire valve on the end of the tank and using a pressure gauge to check the tank pressure. The air pressure should be below the cut-in pressure of the water pump, which is 25psi. Usually the air pressure should be between 18 to 22psi. It's best to use a gauge that has a low range to get an accurate air pressure. Be very careful using compressed air as over pressurizing the tank could damage the bladder inside. In my working years I would use a manua
  2. I wanted to update the headlight problem I was having. Thanks to Moe M and Rick P for their guidance on separating the headlights with a relay. I now have working headlights! It is very reassuring to have this kind of information and exchange of ideas to get us through these repairs. I would have gotten to the headlight situation sooner, but my wife let me know the Samsung fridge would be done first. Also many thanks to all those who shared their fridge change-outs and details on the how to's. Thanks all!
  3. I replaced the Smartwheel control module last October because of loss of control functions at the wheel. After going through the troubleshooting guide I found that the module needed replacing. Now I have lost control functions again and will need to replace again. I took a picture of the original control board and will try to attach it. I changed the photo from .jpg to .pdf, so if it doesn't open please let me know. Hope this helps confirm the problem with the headlight circuit burning the control board. Smartwheel control module.pdf
  4. I'm ready for more of the joy and less of the fixing. I replaced the fog lights a couple days ago and when I turned on the switch nothing happened so I started checking voltages in the FRB and found one of the continuous duty solenoids was only putting out 3 volts so I have a couple of those on order. Thanks again for the info.
  5. Nice explanation on the wiring to separate the headlights from the control module. I am waiting for the parts to attempt this fix myself and I appreciate the details and the drawing you put on here. I am also not an electrician but with the great knowledge and advice on this forum I think I can tackle this. I like the safety advice about the standby fire extinguisher, great advice, Thanks!
  6. Thanks Moe , I have ordered parts and I like your recommendation on the connection to a power source. I am studying some wiring schematics to try to understand the wiring a little better. I believe the download file on wiring from a 1999 Executive will be close to my 2001 Dynasty. I am also replacing my original fog lights with LED fog lights. To get a break from scratching my head on these electrical problems I am in the middle of replacing the Not-So-Cold with a Samsung RF-18. Thanks Stephen W, 2001 Dynasty
  7. Sorry about the pics not opening, they were from my iPhone then MacBook. Corkman posted some great pics!
  8. Thank you Rick P, I will be working on this project soon and I appreciate this explanation and diagram.I will look for a relay and in line fuses. Always seem to be chasing Gremlins. While working in the coach tonight the house lights went out so I flipped the salesman switch on and off till they came back on. I will eliminate this switch soon also. Thanks Stephen W
  9. Thanks Rick and Ray, I have the VIP SM 210 module and while troubleshooting I jumpered J 12 -1 and 2 and the headlights worked. If I use just the headlight switch on the dash and both the dash lights and marker lights work but not the headlights. I believe I read somewhere on this forum that others have had headlight problems at the VIP module. If possible I would look at permanently separating the headlights from this potential problem. If I need to replace wires and install relays I would appreciate any help I could get as I am a retired plumber and not an electrician.
  10. Hello all, I went out for my first trip of the year and after using the wipers for a short time lost all function in the smart wheel. I replaced the controller last fall and everything worked well. Going through the troubleshooting guide it looks like the control module needs to be replaced again. I was wondering if there is a way to remove control of the headlights from this controller? Going without cruise is ok and luckily got by without the wipers but No headlights was stressful. If possible I would like to control the headlights from the switch on the dash. Thanks for any help
  11. Jon, I have a 2001 Dynasty with similar boxes although not all the options are in, I hope these pics help.8C51A544-2FFE-473F-AF12-921C38E639F9.heic79581BBF-5477-4D9D-BD49-3D42D697893E.heic C56F5B67-9069-4115-A1AF-778944E5BD4F.heic ACB14FF9-6592-42AD-A03F-DBB088022999.heic 9A6E3E91-269C-4E57-B299-1DDA27146F85.heic E017F8A7-1436-42EF-8C63-A70076699E72.heic
  12. Thanks Moonwink for this information as the air horn in my Dynasty has stopped working. I will try this cleaning procedure as well as check the electrical connections on the solenoid as recommended by others. Thanks again.
  13. Thank you Frank, for this great source of information. I have downloaded the file and saved it to my "Dynasty File" for future reference. Thanks again for all your time and effort to help us. Stephen White
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