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  1. Having the extra tag axle tires on the ground makes a big difference in stability on air bags alone. I've tried mine with the tag lifted, and you can feel quite a bit more movement with someone walking around, or high wind gusts!
  2. Guess I got lucky! Mine had plenty of rubber hose on both sides of filter to unbolt, and pull filter out of maintenance door for replacement.
  3. Forgot about this thread. Chris T .... Any progress on the parts to increases pitch on the SOK111 toppers?
  4. Got these spec's from the owners manual. I use the same pair of filters as Hardy 1000 mentioned in the 3rd post of this thread.
  5. My 08' model (2007 built 400 ISL) uses a 10 micron primary filter (WS), and a 5 micron secondary filter.
  6. You should be fine. Like I mentioned, mine is failing. The only way I can power it down is hold the power button for the 10sec till it beeps. Done this many times now, and never had to recalibrate anything.
  7. Well, 58min later I got another email from them 🙂! Oops, we sent an old promo. Please use this month's promo now through June 8th.
  8. Got this 'Special Offer' email from Cummins today, June 02. Look at the date it's valid for 🤪! A Special Offer to Our shop.cummins.com Customers At Cummins, our customers are very important to us. We hope that your experience with the new shop.cummins.com has been a good one thus far, and you are able to quickly navigate around to find exactly the right parts and products you are looking for to maintain and enhance your genuine Cummins equipment. We would like to extend a special offer to you – our valued customer! We are offering $25 off your order of $150, now until May 19, 2021. It’s our way of welcoming you. Shop.cummins.com is your one-stop 24/7 shop for Genuine Cummins parts and maintenance needs with over 50,000 parts and products available online for your convenience. Please remember, if you need assistance at any time, connect with the Cummins customer support team via chat, email, or phone for a rapid response. Shop NOW and use code: Welcome25 to receive $25 off your order of $150 - shop.cummins.com.
  9. Valid's canned answer to their control pad's failing is "must have got wet"! Mine is 'failing' but still operational, and shows no sign of ever being wet.
  10. It's a tag axle coach Chuck. It can carry and tow more weight than your single rear axle Windsor 💪! I have a Hydralift. Do you still have the factory receiver on your coach? If so, I would unbolt and remove the Hydralift crossbeam, unhook the hydraulic lines, and use the factory receiver for a heavy trailer.
  11. Sure, but you flat tow your PU, just like I flat tow a compact car. Believe my Hydralift receiver is good for 800 lbs tongue weight.
  12. No, wouldn't be a mistake, Buy the whole new dryer !!
  13. I wish! Mine is a little more serious than that. Over the course of a couple of weeks, each of the buttons on the keypad started to not beep when pressed. Since then, the key FOB began doing strange things, until all it will do is lock / unlock the entry door.
  14. Don't know if your 05' will be the same, but I switched mine from house bank to chassis bank feeding the gen starter, easily with a short battery cable and a ANL fuse holder. All done in the rear run box. Took about 15min.
  15. Yeah, I'll need to make that modification when my new components arrive. When I told Kevin at their tech support, that several years ago someone pressed the doorbell button and it kept ringing until I cut the wires to the bell, he said the damage was already done, and it was only a matter of time till that keypad failed. I got several years.
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