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Door Bell switch removal

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Has anyone replaced a door bell button switch on their coach?  My question is: "does it just press in from the outside or is there a nut on the backside holding ti in place?".  Just want to make sure I don't cause any damage trying to replace it.  I found what I believe is a replacement at Home Depot and it appears it's made to just press in a 5/8" hole.


UPDATE:  It does just press in from the outside.  It was just 'glued' in with a bunch of silicone calking.  Apparently water still seeped in as the switch was all rusted and ended up coming out in pieces.  Now have a nice new lighted switch and just need to re-calk around it.  I was going to delete this post but decided to leave it in case someone else was wondering how to replace theirs.   Switch was $4.98 from Home Depot.

Door Bell Photo.jpg

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Problem Solved !
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