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2011 Diplomat Air governor issues

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About a month ago after a hard freeze in Alabama (yes I know that is an oxymoron, but 13 degrees that night) I was checking RV to make sure nothing had frozen. Decided to crank the engine and let it run awhile. After airing up everything I did not hear the air dryer purge. I pressed the brakes and dropped the air down to kick the compressor on again and this time it purged. During the last two weeks I checked the air systems and many times it did not purge (whoosh). It was time for the air dryer filter (Meritor Wabco 1200 style $35) service so i did that and replaced the purge valve (Fleetpride AV950014 $22). Still it would not purge every time it reached full air pressure. After some testing, research, YouTube videos and studying air diagrams I received from Monaco I determined the governor was not sending the purge signal to the air dryer. My Diplomat 43DFT air governor is located passenger side behind the rear hatch containing the chassis batteries, mounted on the side of the motor. Thanks to the parts list on this website I went to my local Fleetpride store and purchased part number OTR275491. The new governor came with new plugs and gasket. The best part it was under $25! About one hour of work and the air dryer purges like new again. I did adjust the cut-in/cut-out pressure up just a little to 102/122. This website is awesome. Saved me a bunch of money and I learned a lot in the process. Hope this helps somebody.

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