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ES50 transfer switch


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Good Friday to all, 

I took the day off to relax a little and make some needed repairs to the coach. I bought a hardwired surge protector from a fellow monacoer and decided to install it today. After finding a suitable place to mount it.....I was not turning back. I shut down all power, and started my install. I followed the directions and installed everything perfectly. Once I got the transfer switch wires back in,  I reached over and plugged shore power back in. BOOM! Something happened and I'm not sure what. I saw a flash and a red light on the surge protector. I got my multimeter out and checked voltage everywhere. 120 on both sides of the surge protector. 120 on the transfer in. 0 on the outlet side of the transfer switch. Apparently the transfer switch has transfered 1 too many times. I have a new ES50 on the way and hopefully that's all it was. I can't afford too much because I have to buy gas and some ramen noodles for the week. 

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Ben, I double and triple checked the wiring on everything. Amazon came to the rescue this time. Super fast shipping and the ATS was the culprit. I hooked everything up and we have power Houston ! Once I got the old one out , I took a good look at everything and it's showing its age. The switches themselves were crumbling apart. 

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