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Hydraulic jack return springs and base

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Some of my springs are stretched out and dont aid in the retracting.

Also the base that contacts the ground are rusted and bent up bad where the like to just poke holes in the ground.

Looking for some replacements or where to find them.

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Just replaced the springs on my HWH jacks. Found the best prices at:


Get the model number of your jacks first, I found that my front jacks were different from the rear. Here is a chart on spring sizes.


A note of caution. Per the chart, and upon investigation, I found the recommended spring for my rear jacks was 18" long, however, the distance between the mounting brackets on my jacks when fully retracted was only 16". If I went with the recommended springs, my jacks would never fully retract. I went with a HWH spring rated the same that was 14" long.

Here is the data on mine.

Front Jacks APP40506 (9000#) replacement springs #R3847
HWH Rear Jacks AP8805 (12000#) replacement springs R34692 (14") vs
R38956 (18")

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