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Lippert Hydraulic System Does Not Retract Jacks or Slide

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I own a 2013 Monaco Monarch.  We are in Benton, AR at a Walmart parking lot.  We drove through rain most of today.

The overall problem began when the hired security person directed me to at 9:00 pm change to another part of the parking lot, after watching us set up and have dinner at our location. The guard was not open to discussion or consideration of what she was asking.  I started to prepare to relocate and a more serious problem appeared.   

The serious problem began with retracting the full body slide, operated by two hydraulic cylinders.  Part way through retracting, the slide reversed and moved out.  I'm certain I was holding down the "in" button steadily when this happened.  The slide hydraulics acted erratically for a few moments, then would not retract.  Now the slide is out all the way.  I have no way to bring it in. 

I then attempted to retract the four hydraulic jacks; instead the system extended all of the jacks, so now all the tires are off the ground. When I depress the "in" button on the slide the hydraulic pump runs.  Also, when I depress the "retract" button on the jacks, the pump runs until I press the on/off button.  There are no springs on the jacks; retraction is hydraulic.

The hydraulic pump and valves are located under the step.  I accessed the pump and fussed with a few connections and terminals, in the hope that I would find a failed electrical connection.  I stumbled on hearing an erratic clicking sound that appears to come from one of the actuating valves?  I unplugged each of the valve connections individually and the clicking occurred regardless of what I unplugged. 

With both the jacks and hydraulic slide malfunctioning at the same time, it seems to me that the problem must be in the electrical controls at the hydraulic pump and valves.  

Suggestions and recommendations are welcome.   Other challenges are that tomorrow we are forecast for 1.5 inches of rain, and my wife broke her fibula on Sunday, so she is hobbling on crutches.  We are headed to West Virginia from Texas.  Thanks for the help!

Oh, a new security guard came on at 11:00 pm.  He told me I need to move, in a friendly way.  I explained my problem, and he said you're good.  I'll b here all night on patrol.  No problem.  I also went into Walmart and passed a message to the manager about my predicament.  



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