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RVA Leveler Control Board No Power

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Hello All

I have a 1997 Monaco Executive that I am having trouble with the levelers.  I purchased the RV over a year ago and have been slowly remodeling the inside.  The previous owner said he didn't mess with the leveler system and that the "auto" has never really worked so he only used it manually.  When we first got the coach, the control panel wouldn't turn on unless you gave it a wack with your hand.  So my assumption was it was a loose connection.  After a while it wouldn't turn on at all.  So just in case it was the power switch I ordered a new one from RVA.  I removed the the control panel that was in the armrest of the driver and attempted to find the loose connection.  I couldn't find one.  I checked with my volt meter and the panel isn't getting 12 volts.  So I checked the 15 amp fuse in the front compartment and it looks good, and has continuity between the posts.  So I looked up at the Leveler Safety Relay and noticed that someone had "rigged" with the relay and it was not wired as it came from the factory.

So, I pulled out my wiring diagram and this is where things got interesting.  Ay previous owner, or mechanic has messed with this relay and I am not even sure how I can test it.  This is what my wiring diagram now shows.

So if you follow the diagram I should have brown wire going from the "Start Solenoid" 

Question #1:  Should this brown wire from the Start Solenoid have 12 volts?

That brown wire goes to a the "Neutral Safety" Relay.  Out of the Neutral relay is a brown wire going to a connector in the center console labeled M12B

Question #2:  Should the brown wire from the Neutral Safety Relay to the connector M12B have 12 volts?  It currently does NOT have 12 volts.

From connector M12B another brown wire goes to the "Leveler Safety Relay" in the front electrical panel under the driver seat.  This is where my wiring diagram turns into a mess to translate. 

Can anyone answer the first two questions? 

And, can anyone help me make sense of this Leveler Safety Relay?




One last thing.  I took my 12 volt battery jumper and using a jumper wire I connected it to the control board on/off switch directly and the board lit up and I was able to lower and lift the jacks as normal.  However, the on off switch when turned off did not turn off the board, so that might still be an issue.  Either way, it looks like I can "hotwire" the control board and still have use of the jacks.  But that isn't what I prefer.



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