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Hello, I'm looking for a few ideas. I have a 2009 Monaco Dynasty, just purchased a month ago. It has both a pilot and co-pilot GPS system, which I was very happy about. When I was doing the paperwork the previous owner had his technician working on a few things....I had asked a question about the sound system. At any rate, after he tinkered (unfortunately I did not realize it until later) the driver GPS system is non-functioning. It is the Kenwood OEM option. All other functions operate, radio, CD, etc., but not the GPS. In fact, now the icon for GPS is simply gray. I can change the video input on that system to be the video output of the passenger system...but annoying to have to program the GPS on the passenger seat and simply watch it on the driver seat.


Any thoughts of things to try or look for? Thanks!

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RESOLUTION! Okay, after lots of back and forth, digging and sorting, I have discovered the issue. In an interesting turn of events, I ended up having two failures. The initial failure was of the "brain" a module for the GPS navigation system from Kenwood. This module controlled much more than just the navigation; it handles the camera video feed (for the front screen ONLY) and more. As the system was suffering multiple failures, it made sense to simply "upgrade". I have since installed a Kenwood DNX775RVS and I can say, if you enjoy technology this is a great system! I am very very very happy with it. My bluetooth phone calls are better, I have an unlimited music selection (coming from my phone) and an RV based navigation system. Additionally, it integrates with my other systems to an extent. Would definitely recommend the DNX775RVS!

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