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2005 Knight rr8r front bag replacement

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Kicking rocks waiting for air fittings

pics include tools used and additional airline repair discovered:

break tire nut with socket and repurposed jack handle breaker bar then use air to remove nuts

remove mudflap and hula skirts

new 22-ton jacks on front axle temp lift using onboard hydrolux ram to slide jacks in place .......... scrap laminated blocks to replace bags between frames

tight fit on tools to remove top bag nuts , forward bag on front axle access from wheel well, rearward bag on front axle crab walk up compartment\ shaft space to access using deep socket ratchet\breaker bar then air ratchet to remove 3/4 inch nuts . blaster day before and Advil before and after job

bottom bag bolts easy peasy air 9/16

found 2-  3\8 air lines crushed , i think last year braked at bottom of a steep driveway in Meadview Az crushing 2 lines .../. still working but discovered on air bag job and repaired ( i hope).

btw serpentine belt job road tested good ............ thanks

bag replace tools.jpg

air bag mount.jpg

air repair.jpg

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all 4 front air bags are installed I have just replaced height adj valve ready for road test 115 degrees soon today swamp cooler keeping me at a wet 86+ . I am close to the recomended height. But i am running Koni shocks . I have thought this group as if I have a copilot wherever i go .............. thanks to all. Any ideas will be well received .

the original bags were tested by using simple air tool fitting and submerged in 5 gallon pail no leaks found, and new bags were tested also. The old bags were original could hold air like a container but maybe overtime lost some flexibility (?) over its life cycle.  


some fittings became problematic because the packinging was suspiciously different then web page sales suggested. complaint to vender was a form letter response with a bad reply link, reorder different vendor move foward.   

This morning i have a level coach not totally know why the height adj valve to controls both sides of front bags made that left lean after sitting 24 to 48 hours go away. When i do a air dump no problem..... time will tell if that stays. I am a 37ft 3 slider. At times in a stationary stop it felt like the front suspension was hunting for a happy spot as if semi trucks were passing me on the side of the road. The height adjust valve was also original 2005ish but showed fitting wear and was replaced. This valve has no brains and is open or closed. I tried to dissect old valve to see if the area of the valve most likely used could be worn more but failed to disasemble properly. There was some fish smelling oil in the valve and i was at a point that nothing new could be learned....... Any ideas ?


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