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Replacement Clearance Lights for 96 Monaco Dynasty


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I have a 1996 Monaco Dynasty, 40'. I've done a lot of my one repairs and other maintenance like so many of us here. And here is the best place to get great info. My last win from here was the info and pictures on the rebuild of my hydraulic pump. New the cost around $2000 and with your help it cost me $400. Thank you all for that.

So, I need more help...

I want to replace my clearance lights. I have done this several times in the past but they don't seem to last long enough for me. They are the Bragman 34-68. And I can't find the amber lens and would rather change to a better set and with LEDs, if able.

Currently I am trying to install the Partszone Trailer Side Marker/Clearance Lights I got through Amazon. They look great, are LEDs and in my price range. But the Bargman originals have screw holes that are 3 5/16". These new ones and mostly all the other's I researched have 3" on center. Plus these new ones don't come with any gaskets, has a completely flat backing and the 2 wires come from one of the corners, not out of the center as the Bargman do and my RV is designed for. So, making them work can be done but with a good bit of effort- especially to ensure they don't leak.

So, has any one found a good replacement set of lights, LED or not? Any price is OK.

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Well, I'm still searching and just ordered a set from Partsam, 4 LED. They are similar to the other ones I ordered but have less LEDs per light and the power wires come out of the center, not a corner. To me having the better wire feed is well worth the # of LEDs.

I'd love to hear what other people have done. Any input is appreciated.


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just_john1, Thanks for that info. I have them here and wonder what is the best way to install them. 

So, how did you installed them to ensure no leaks, etc? Everything I can think of is a bit complicated.


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I am also replacing my clearance lights on a 95 Dynasty.  The lower ones are pretty easy.  Two wires to connect and you are done.  The upper ones however have two white and two red and it looks like the old fixture was grounded with the screw to the frame.  Anyone have any insight into how to wire the upper ones?  I've tried and I'm not getting any light but it does show about 9 volts when I put a tester on it.  I think the upper ones have a flash switch that you can use to signal when you pass someone?  Any ideas would be appreciated.


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