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  1. There are no rollers on the living room slide. The slide travels on a long nylon block on the floor and is dragged across it when it goes in and out. With the Teflon plates it glides on the two ends instead of the entire floor. Much less resistance. It is the diagonal scratches that confuse me.
  2. Added 50a Progressive Industries EMS Added lock box to propane bay with a full set of keys. Just in case. Replaced the 1/8" thick living room slide glides with 1/4" Teflon. Who ever installed the original glides used sealant to bulge up the plastic glide between the screws so the screw heads wouldn't rub. A real mess. I've noticed that some Beaver and Safari's have these glides. Seems most don't. Don't know if this was done at the factory, a warranty repair or afterwards by some shop. These Teflon glides keep the entire floor from dragging/scraping while going in and out. Haven't figured out why the bottom of the slide is so scratched up.
  3. Jeeesus, I don't know. Wife has said I can't get another coach..
  4. Time to spruce up the paint. Replaced left rear lower belt line trim and repainted right front fender. Thinking of Summit Products for their Premier Stainless Steel Armor. Perhaps a winter project.
  5. Bought them from www.nwrvsupply.com a while back. Out of stock at the moment. I believe some are available at rvpartsexpress.com/product-category/camper-exterior/
  6. Added dual voltmeter to the LI-BIM in the rear electric bay
  7. Added 2 propane quick disconnects. One under the fridge for a catalytic heater ( used at Quartzsite ) and one in the "water filter and vacuum" cargo bay to feed BBQ and fire pit.
  8. Added a Toe Kick / VacPan inlet for the vacuum.
  9. Slide topper repair/maintenance. Replaced the slide toppers with black vinyl from "Tough Top Awnings" and stripped and refinished the covers due to damage from tree branches and peeling paint. Bare aluminum primed with epoxy sealer then a two stage urethane black and clear. Replaced a couple of end caps ordered from Carefree.
  10. Minor upgrades hardly worth mentioning. Added on/off switch to dash to turn on the radio without having to turn ignition key to accessory. Radio was already powered from coach batteries but switched "on" by the key. Now either work. Added a diode to prevent back feed into ignition from the radio when it is enabled. Added momentary switch for the 'Safe-T-Plus on the fly centering" to the drivers side panel. Custom switches were by "rockerswitchpros.com"
  11. Rob and Amy, Thanks for the compliment. With the cost of new coaches it seemed prudent to simply upgrade this one.
  12. Added 2 MaxAir II vent covers to keep the rain out and to allow vent to be open while driving. Added Winegard ToGo C2 Roadlink to replace the full motion sat dish. Was a great deal. $30/month for unl AT&T. That is, until AT&T cancelled the plan. New rate $90/month for 22Gb. Not really sure if I'll continue with AT&T. Added Air Force One Toad braking system with Blue Ox Avail tow bar and KarGard II shield. Also added an ISL Toad-Charge for my 2016 F150 4x4.
  13. Adding additional shelves to pantry and clothes cabinets. Image of new and old side by side. New has darker grey felt. Could not find any felt that was a lighter grey. Difficult to tell which is factory and which is the addition once installed.
  14. As for the door grab handle lighting. I removed the door handle brackets and drilled the center out to about 9/16". Dropped a 1156 base flat disk bulb in the hole and twisted on the base from underneath. Then just let it hang on the bulb. Drilled a 3/16" hole through the wall (behind the bracket) and wired the bulb to the porch light in the electrical panel next to the passenger seat. It has been so long ago I no longer have any pictures.
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