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  1. I have a 2004 Neptune 32PBD, with aluminum sides and top. Has anyone replaced the rivets holding the aluminum sheets on the sides, some of the rivets seem to have loosened up.? If so, aluminum rivets or stainless? Do the small holes in the center of rivets get sealed? Also, the original white “paint” is dull and oxidized, any chance it’ll ever be shiny again without a full paint?
  2. The gauge below speedo is turbo psi gauge, the big gauge to the right is fuel, oil press, and eng temp. That’s good info on the brake system, I still wonder why I seem to hear air venting when I apply my brakes.
  3. That’s weird, because when I press the brake pedal, I can definitely hear the air release...
  4. It’s all stock, entry level DP....so my guess is it wasn’t standard equipment. Nothing in manual about air gauge, only warning bell and dash light.
  5. I do have air brakes, I thought it was weird too....
  6. I have an ‘04 Neptune 32PBD, it does not have a dash air pressure gauge!! Has anyone ever added one? I would think there is already a pressure sensor on the tank because I do have the alarm and low light when it’s low, so would I be able to tap into it to add a gauge?
  7. I just installed a new one from Source engineering. It was $480 delivered to my door. A ton nicer than the stock unit. I’m not sure if they show it on their website, but shoot Jim an email and he’ll let you know what info he needs from you. It’s made of aluminum. Sourcerv.com
  8. I believe 6 hours is right for only trailing arms, the other 2 hours are for the ride enhancement kit, so the shocks and air bags on the front with ping tank install. The rear shocks and air bags are to be removed for trailing arm replacement so they just install the new ones.
  9. The shop doing it has quoted me 8 hours labor for the trailing arms and ride kit.
  10. Ordered new trailing arms(never replaced for recall) and kit, installing next month. Hope it lives up to the reviews!
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