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  1. its at the top of the monacoers board not the top of the link i thought the same thing
  2. Thanks i will be looking into that, all i need is a schematic otherwise its like driving blindfolded.
  3. Just realized tonight that both sets of batteries are charging all the time,,mh was plugged into shore power and its not cutting out the chassis batteries when they are charged like its supposed to Aladdin says chassis batts at 12.3. Big boy selinoid is staying on keeping all batteries tied together
  4. Hello everyone, new to the board 1st post so here go,s my aladdin is showing 12.3v on the chassis batteries and 13.8 on the coach the big boy is active and my batteries test 13.8v on coach and chassis , so my question is does anyone know if there is a junction and if there is where is it between the chassis batteries and the voltage supply for aladdin and the gen start. I dont have any manuals on this coach , 2007 monaco dynasty squire 4
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