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Microwave Convection Oven


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I have a 2003 Holiday Rambler Vacationer which has a Sharp R-820BK microwave convection oven. I have replaced this unit previously with ease, but it looks like I have to replace it again and wonder if anyone has replaced their unit with another make/model without any modifications? It was quite easy slipping the same model into the slot and am hoping to do the same. Thanks.

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2 hours ago, biloxi_dad said:

I have a 2005 HR Ambassador with Sharp micro/Convection oven that only ran 1 min on Convection...found it was a part that cost about $25.  Replaced 2 yrs ago and it still working properly.  You have similar problem?

The same thing happened with mine. It was a $25 "damper motor".

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I replaced mine with the Dometic from Camping World but had to put in a shelf. It is terribly noisy but it was a couple hundred dollars so the price was right. It has the exposed heating element on the ceiling. It does have a fan for convection mode or use it as a broiler/grill for steaks. I ended up with 6" on the side of the oven. Perfect for half gallon bottles.

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