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Front cover for 2013 Ford Edge at the Gathering

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We purchased a rock and gravel protective cover for a 2013 Ford Edge from Ray and Tam Murley at the 2016 Gathering in preparation for our trip to Alaska. We plan to bring that cover with us to the Gathering and will sell it for $50. The photo below was sent to me by Ray and is his vehicle.


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On 1/17/2020 at 9:13 AM, Mike H said:

Bob,  Do you know if it will fit on a late model Ford F-150?


I don't know but you are welcome to try it at the Gathering.  You can take to your site and try it out.



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OK, Thanks Bob.  I checked with my friend who sells Fords and he didn't think it would fit.  Do you have the mfg name of it?  I might be able to check to see if it may be designed to fit several different models.  If it's just for an Edge then it'll probably be to small.

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We are here at the Gathering and I have decided to give this cover away free of charge. I filled out one of the yard sale slips last night. If you are interested in this cover come by site 285 and it is yours. I do not want to take it back home and have no interest in shipping it anywhere.


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