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Transfer Switch Question

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A few weeks back I posted a question about the transfer switch not latching in on Shore Power.  Turns out the issue was due to the REV tech in Decatur not doing their usual quality job.  He ran the shore power ground wire right in front of the incoming lugs and when the flexible conduit shifted due to a lack of support, the ground shorted out the connection of the coil at the lug.

My question now is that in the packet with the new SurgeGuard switch, there was a 4-pin shorting block but no instruction that the installer or I could find as to whether or notit needed to be installed.  There are two plugs available next to the remote monitor jack but without instruction, we were reluctant to install it.  I do have the remote monitor so the RJ-12 cable is installed.  However, I have never ever seen any indication on the front of the monitor for normal voltage or generator status.  I have left two messages with SurgeGuard on their 'Ask an Expert' tab on the website but no response in the last 10 days!  How can a manufacturer of a critical component like this not have a customer support phone service!!!

Tom Gibbens

'15 Dynasty

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I did call Southwire and they make you put your question online!  They WILL NOT answer your call. After nearly two weeks, they did email me that the shorting plug is not necessary and is used by the OEM during manufacture. They have yet to answer why I cannot get any messages on my remote monitor. 

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