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Thermostat Settings


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My RV Comfort .ZC thermostat has been acting weird.  It was not allowing me to select certain zones and then it showed the set temp in 1 zone was 161 degrees.

I reprogrammed the thermostat and then I received the AC and Aquahot diagram from REV (attached). I also emailed Airxcel/Coleman but they really weren’t a lot of help.

I have 3 AC units with heat pumps and an Aquahot.  There are 4 zones.  If you look at the diagram it indicates that zone 4 is the “AC Brain”.  I have no idea what that means.  Three of the zones make sense and I programmed them to AC and Gas and Electric heat.  Zone 4 has me really confused.  The drawing indicates that zone 4 is only the water bay heat from the Aquahot.  However, there is a thermostat for zone 4 in the rear bathroom.  I programmed zone 4 to only have “Gas Heat”, no AC or eldest.  I don’t know if this is correct or not. 

Does anyone in the group have a similar setup to mine?  If so, please look at your thermostat model 8330D331 or 335 and tell me how each zone is programmed.  I originally thought my thermostat was defective so I went to the Airxcel/Coleman site and it indicates the thermostat “repair parts only”.  

Coach is a 2012 Diplomat 43DFT.


2012 Diplomat Heat&AC.pdf

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