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How to choose a repair shop

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How do you choose where to bring your RV for repairs?

I imagining that most of you will say, I was recommended to it by a friend, or I read it on a forum, doing searches online; I am sure there are multiple answers and opinions on the matter.
Many of us don't have repairs facilities in our state that can handle specialty repairs, so sometimes we have to travel far to get it done.

I bought something once on Facebook and I paid by PayPal; what I received was not what I ordered, and a complaint to PayPal came back to me with just a biased answer. They prefer to side with a scammer instead of looking into what a consumer has to say. So now I think four times before I pay with PayPal.

So, what about any given state in our country? Will the Attorney General of that estate will go after a business in his state to protect an individual from another state that was ripped off?

You will consider that State Attorney General record when you choose that repair facility?

You may say that you just go by the recommendations, but on many occasions, what was good for one does not mean it is going to be good for you.
You can bring your BMW to a  tire repair shop chain for a tire replacement, but you will bring it for a timing chain repair? I know that someone will say, "well I know this great mechanic that can fix anything". Trust me, you should not. Will you let an orthopedic surgeon do open heart surgery on you?. Again, someone will say: Why not? Those are the same people that still think the world is flat.

Anyway, my point is, what kind of defense we have when someone rips us when they do a bad repair.

I posted a while back my history about a repair shop that it really did a bad job and it cost me a lot of money to this business to repair my coach and I am not done yet spending money to correct all that he has done wrong.

The Attorney General has assigned a mediator on my case; what she (it is a woman) is going to do for me? What a mediator could accomplish? A money settlement? The culprit may say no, I will not pay (his prerogative) and I have to start all over again until I give up

My question to you guys is. What the Attorney general will do for you?

In the state of California (correct me if I am wrong) a Doctor that caused the death of someone can still be a Doctor after the insurance paid the surviving family so he can go and cause the death of someone else.

Do you want to be the family member that now drives a Mercedes Benz, you want to be the dead one so your family drives the Mercedes Benz, or you want to be that Doctors next patient?

I wrote to that Attorney General mediator that even though I would like to get a monetary settlement, I want that the Attorney General takes a position to protect the good business in his state, meaning go after the bad business legally. If that state RV repairs business reputation gets affected for bad repairs shops, my opinion is it could be his (AG) fault due to the lack of enforcement of the laws by his office.

I think these are the function of any state Attorney General, the question is how dedicated he/she is about their function of the office that they work and how committed are to the laws that they did swear to protect.

Knowing that the Attorney General of any given state will protect you or not will affect your choice decision to where to bring your business to?

Please, I am not talking about an oil change or a windshield replacement.

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This has been our biggest problem.  Since we travel across many states, a repair we have done in one state may not fail until we are in another state thousands of miles away.

We used to go to a Cummins Coach Care near us.  Had an oil leak on the hydraulic pump.  Cummins put on a new gasket, for hundreds of dollars.  That repair lasted a few hundred miles when we were several states away.  Took it into a generic truck repair shop in Texas.  Problem was the Cummins gasket is too thin.  Truck repair shop made a gasket from thicker material.  Not another drop of oil since and it was half the price we paid Cummins.  Had Cummins replace exhaust pipe in WA state.  Pipe fell off in Texas.  Cummins did not reinstall the bolt that holds the pipe in place.

We have found one shop we trust but they are hundreds of miles away in a different state.  Finding a good shop seems to depend on luck.  Our closest repair shop near us is still about 100 miles away.  Half of the stuff they fix we have to take back when the repair fails, that's if we are still home and have not left on a trip.

So we've tried the big name shops and the small one shop independent shops.  Hit and miss.  Biggest problem is we are usually many miles away if the repair fails.  Will we ever go back to a Cummins shop, probably not.  When the pipe fell off I called them to see if they would overnight a new clamp since the existing clamp had broke when the pipe fell off and they would not even offer to help.

So repairs done all over the country, some fail and what do you do?  Best case is being in one area long enough to take the coach back to where they didn't fix it the first time.  And if you do choose to go back to the original shop will they pay your fuel bill to get back to have the repair fixed?  Most likely not. 

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