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  1. I will look carefully to the condenser on the back of the coach. Aluminum condenser are prone to rot. If he put dye in the system it should be easy to spot with a fluorescent light and glasses.
  2. Like Google and many other corporations. They buy the competition, they get rid of the "unnecessary" people that do duplicate work, blue collar, marketing, etcetera. Yes, Thorn will cut corners, people will loose their job, and another CEO will make a ton of money.
  3. You got pictures of the ladder. I wonder if it would fit on my coach
  4. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Coax-Explorer-2-with-Remote-Kit-VDV512-101/302793719?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-303834923-_-302793719-_-N&
  5. Well said. I learned a lot about all your comments and I agreed that in this country the public perception of nuclear reactors. And I think that is based not in the hardware but on those that move the dials and push buttons. I am not accusing, I just saying "perception". I remember a Nextel commercial when two operators are arguing about the name of a BLT sandwich, that should be called BLTM because have mayonnaise on it while all alarms were going off and people were trapped on what appeared to be a containment chamber on a nuclear plant. For me, my taught were; really. You ever sa
  6. US was importing about 9.5 million barrels per day in 2019 and producing 12.5 million barrels per day in 2019 (about numbers. So it is not "almost" 50%? I am sorry I was not as accurate as you want me to be. I am trying to say is that the prices are based on supply and demand plus taxes. New York was always higher in fuel than NJ. I always filled in NJ as soon I got out of NY and I always filled in NJ before I got back. Now is the opposite. Why? The crude oil price is the same, but taxes are different. You can add 100% taxes on a $1.5 gallon of Diesel fuel or you can add 50%, but the base cr
  7. I agreed, but once those turbines are working, then you have free energy for a long time. Agreed that you have to make materials to make the wind turbines, but an electric generator like they using around me, either uses diesel fuel or natural gas. So it never ends, Once that blade is turning... 90% of electricity generated in France is Nuclear
  8. Yes, still a way to go, we need more wind turbines and solar. USA has a steady growth in oil production since 2008, but we are still importing almost 50% of our consumption. Like I said, we needed someone that think outside the box to change the minds on the big car producers.
  9. Surprisingly I have seen prices as low as $1.569 I don't remember ever seen this low. Just think that we are the only country that still using big gas engines. Most of European countries are banning gas and diesel engine. Oil producers keep lowering their prices because they can't sell. Others may disagree but no one can't take credit for low prices, but we, the people can. Tesla has changed the mentality of the automobile industry; if they wouldn't come along, GM and FORD never had changed their ways about producing electric cars. The same way that Honda ch
  10. we will like to have pictures, I will like to convert to induction. My house is induction and we love it
  11. I don't know I will have to see pictures, what model it is. Maybe I can look at it on the web Thanks
  12. I will need a replacement of my roof ladder. I had done few years ago by All-Rite RV, and it was good. It got damaged in a campground 🤥 The problems is that the last time I have to send my old one (expensive shipping cost) so they can copy it. You figure that they will be smart and save the dimensions, but they did not. So I would have to do the same, but I wonder if someone have an insight about a supplier. I tried Visonerv with no avail. Thanks
  13. Just to clarify AJ Electric sells a direct fit replacement with warranty. Rebuild you are at the mercy of a rebuilder, and if your options are limited you can take the change with a rebuilder and good luck if you get strander away from home ot if you get stranded away from home AJ Electric is a place that you can depend on. Divided opinions here, some they have one time experience with a rebuilder, some they deal with a same rebuilder because their business and have good experience. I worked 40 years and I can tell you that most of the rebuild alternators are not rebuild to
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