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  1. Stay away from MCIRV in Nappanee IN Paul's RV in Wakarusa, if you can get it him on the phone. http://www.duncanrvrepair.com/ Probably the best reputation
  2. Funny, but even though my coach are a lot older, I installed very similar lights assemblies
  3. We all love God's creations, and even though I am not a vegetarian by any means, I will be come one in a second if I have to kill for food. Many are hunters and they disagreed, but I hope they will respect my feelings..
  4. They have adjustment screws. Put it close to a wall and try to align them
  5. The difference on the antifreeze is to prevent bubbles forming on the cylinder sleeves outside walls. I don't know if will make much difference on the actual engine temperature. In mine 40 years as an auto technician I saw many sensors that lie. Are you sure that the coach runs at that temperature? I don't know what Cumming does, many cars have two sensors one is a "sender" for your gauge and another for the engine management. A scanner will red both and they should red the same, but with a Diesel I could not tell you more. I will not be concern with thermostat, usually a faulty
  6. I will clean the radiator from the outside, use a good degreaser and hose down well. No pressure washer. You have an AC condenser in front of the radiator, and both need a good flow. AC condenser runs very hot when the AC is on.
  7. At the entrance door, towards the rear there is a switch that says "Battery Cut Off" Please check it.
  8. I just finished replacing the holder and installing a range extender. I will try it soon and see if it really is what they said it does
  9. I got the same feeling, when I was young (an eternity ago) my driving was at night. My last two trips I had to drive at night and I am not enjoyed.
  10. https://www.superbrightleds.com/moreinfo/truck-lights-lamps/19-led-stop-turn-and-tail-light-bar-truck-and-trailer-light-11-led-surface-mount-pigtail-connector/1027/2482/?utm_campaign=Child+-+Organic+Shopping&utm_source=Vehicle+Lighting+>+Truck+Tail%2C+Brake%2C+Turn%2C+Reverse+Lights&utm_medium=TLB-R11&gclid=CjwKCAjwzvX7BRAeEiwAsXExo5_9qiMsHS_g7d8qmxFvPy9a61nNzvSCcP6emt-R37FXH-o4pz4GihoCnXYQAvD_BwE You can make it work as a turn signal too very cool. I installed on mine few years ago
  11. I have a camera in my trailer but is wired to the coach camera, nice 10" display that accept three cameras. The company sells wireless https://www.rearviewsafety.com/safety-solutions/backup-camera-systems/wireless-backup-camera-systems.html
  12. https://www.topgearautosport.com/114679/ford-f150-1992-1996-chrome-halo-projector-headlights-with-led?gclid=CjwKCAjwzvX7BRAeEiwAsXExoyMGCpk0CQuN9H3JRyZBoaOQuw0ghH4_KSB-O66wg5D2VZLF3QDeoBoCpR8QAvD_BwE I replaced mine with this ones (in black) I have to replace the low beam to an LED. Good looking ones
  13. I will like to install a sofa bed, but the clearance to the passenger sofa is about 70" from the wall. I don't know what you mean, but you may look here. Pristine work: https://wooddesignrv.com/tv-remodels/
  14. I have the same laid out as our 2000 Windsor, can you send a picture with the sofa bed open? I want to know how it looks and how far it reachs. Please do it at your convenience Txs
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