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Colorado Smart Visor motor

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I have the Colorado Smart Visor on my passenger side quite working. I removed and checked voltage on wires both up/down, it was good! The drivers side works fine.

I took the motor off and you can tell it got hot, wires were melted off and the motor end fused to the plastic support. The gear drive looks good, took it apart, no strip gears and moves freely.

So the motor itself is bad. Has anyone found a replacement. There are not identifying marks on it. Does anyone know what RPM motor it is.

I found this on Amazon. Looks like it might work and for the price I may give it a try.


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So before ordering the motor I tried to confirm the RPM.  The drivers side shade dropped about 18" in 5 seconds, the diameter of the shade was about 1" so that was pretty close to 50 rpm so that is the motor that I ordered. 

I received the motor for my Sun Visor this afternoon and was able to get it fixed, although a bit tight working behind the TV cabinet. First thing I had to do was fix the plastic mounting bracket, the old motor got so hot that it melted the mounting screws locations and bulged the holes slightly. I took a small lighter and heated and got mostly flat using a spoon and then heated the spoon to improve it. Then soldered some wires onto the motor with enough length to lay the visor down while I checked rotation. Then I used male/female spad connectors alternating so I could make sure I kept the wires in the correct polarity. I cut the wire that I had soldered on just long enough to be able to attach the wires, I used shrink wrap to cover the connectors and then a larger piece of shrink wrap to cover the wires. When I was testing the up/down function the shade itself was in a bind, there was some sort of lock on the end opposite of the motor causing it bind, I couldn't figure out how to make it work so I took it off. I believe it was to prevent winding the shade up the wrong way when down not sure it makes a difference, I guess time will tell.

Below is a picture comparing the 2 motor with gear boxes. The new electric motor is shorter, not sure if is the same torque or not but the shade seemed to work fine up/down and the speed was good. The second picture shows the part number on the box.

The motor cost ~$15, so a lot cheaper then a new shade. I bought a spare motor so now I know the other one won't break  😄!!!!

Sun Visor comparison.jpg

Sun Visor Motor.jpg

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