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SIMI Valley area complete service

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Hey ALL, IN SIMI VALLEY CA for awhile. In ventura County just nth of LA cty.  In need of full service reliable tech for welding of bracket in rear slide out, electrical work, inside house repair, very little mechanical except for maintenance of genny and oil change maybe.  I've texted some and they don't accommodate full timers living on coach or they need coach for weeks on end with no place to stay or they are into January also no accommodation.  Some one mentioned a good shop in Temecula where they accommodate fters.  Can't find the email. Would like to stay closer to home near  Simi.  Any thoughts. TiA

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Hi Joel:  We're still towing your Jeep . . . it has treated us well.

You might consider having the work done a bit at a time, with different vendors.

Regarding welding:

We had some body work done on the motorhome at World Class Paint and Body on 1st.  While we were there I had them do a little welding.  You could ask.

A quick google shows 3 welders in Simi, I'd try Jerry at 649 E Easy St # E.  (805) 581-6303

What is the electrical work and house repair?  Maybe an Electrician for the electrical and a carpenter for the house repair?

Regarding oil changes, I use Gibbs Quick-In Quick Out Quick Lube in Oxnard, probably a 30 minute drive for you.  805-988-8913.  You will need an appointment.  Ask beforehand about pricing.  I had the engine oil changed and the chassis greased about 6 weeks ago and the bill was higher than what I paid a few years ago.  I think it was $450.  They did a good under chassis inspection and warned me about a few items I need to look at.

If you head over to Oxnard, you might consider staying a night on the beach in Ventura.  I highly recommend Faria Beach Park and Rincon Parkway.  On Rincon Parkway sites 1 - 19 give you room to park a toad.  Higher number sites would be difficult to park a toad, but we've always been able to ask someone with extra space to let us park.

The beach parks are booked up 6 months in advance but if you go to venturaparks.org in the morning, as early as possible, browse into Camping and RV and then scroll down to "TONIGHTS Outlook!", you can see open sites and you can often book 1 or 2 nights in the morning.

Good luck with the repairs!


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