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2006 Endeavor air system schematic and no air building up in either tank.


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I need some help here with something that is confounding me. I own a 2006 HR Endeavor and last Saturday when starting her after a month did not build up any air...nada. It still sits at 0 for both tanks.

Checked the compressor and she is putting out compressed air to the air dryer, then checked the primary tank and she is collecting air there at a good flow too. So, it looks like the leak is somewhere between the primary tank and the secondary rear tank as there is no air getting to the secondary tank. The multi port air manifold under the dash at the front does not appear to be leaking.

Does anyone have an air system schematic for this year of coach?  I have already downloaded the other manuals for other coaches and years on this site for air systems and I suppose there could be some similarity. But the biggest problem is accessing the lines from the primary tank to the secondary one as the lines are tied to the inside of the frame rails, which are not accessible for a great length of this coach. The holding bays in this motorhome have a one piece plastic cover for the roof which, according to the guys at Elite RV in Harrisburg, OR, was not meant to be taken off.  I have had serious rodent damage with 2 other passenger vehicles that sit in the same location as this motorhome, which sits on my driveway uncovered for 12 months of the year. So I am leaning towards more rodent damage, which is not visible to the naked eye for a good length of the air lines run because they are well concealed from view.

Thank you for any advice. I have also tested the system with a shop compressor for all of the above and the results are the same.

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