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16 hours ago, 172sppilot said:

I installed my own system with a few parts from Amazon and HD. When I’m not using it I remove the hose and cap the port



If you read the instructions, the MEC (good quality) kit is two fold. 

It lets you add an auxillary cyclinder (the POL or ACME Style....may need an adapter) if you are low and don't want to or can't have your tank refilled.

It also lets you add a high pressure (NOTE that is TANK) appliance....such as a grill or fire pit or whatever.....it is NOT nor does it include the regulator.  

IF you MH has the black pipe and valve and cap, follow it back.  ODDS ARE....it T's into the Regulated Side...  If your appliance takes a disposable cylinder.....it ain't GONNA WORK.  

The above picture is the equivalent....probably cheaper.

The Extend-A-Stay has only a T and fittings.  it does NOT, I believe, have the convenient shut off's.  

For adding a TANK pressure (or Disposable Cylinder) option....you need the following.

1/4" High Pressure T - Gas or Propane companies have them....as does Amazon....just make sure it is HIGH pressure rated  The BEST is a Female 1/4 NPT on one end and a Male 1/4 NPT on the other and a Female 1/4 NPT on the T or the tap.  Otherwise, you need gender benders or adapters.

1/4 Turn On/Off Valve.  NOTE  this is a HP valve....not a low pressure one.  Again, the gas company or distributor knows what you need.

Camco or equivalent HP QD 59853 Quick Disconnect  fitting.  Comes with a 1/4 turn valve....but for safety, I like the redundancy.  It has a male fitting for your hose.

HP hose with a "Disposable One Pound Propane Bottle Male Fitting" on one end and a 1/4" Female NPT fitting on the other.  The chuck fitting on the Camco is a 1/4 MALE NPT .  May need a Gender changer to adapt if you can't find the right one.

Miscellaneous short adapter...1/4 MALE NPT on both ends...brass preferred.  Tube of HP Gas rated Pipe Dope (USE Sparingly).

Installation is simple.  USE the Pipe Dope sparingly.  Check for leaks afterwards as you ARE dealing with tank or high pressure.  Remember that the 7/8" POL Nut is LEFT HANDED....been many a person that used a sledge and such and then said...."OH FECES....Dumb@$$"

Bingo....you are ready to install.   

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The picture I provided is after the tank regulator, when I use it I have a hose with a regulator on and attach it to the capped port on the valve. my thinking was if the regulator on the tank failed I still have a backup system, the valve is a two way valve, it only lets one side port at a time be connected to the bottom. I have also installed a safety flow incase the hose breaks.

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